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AVONDALE is the true story of Kate Fitzpatrick, a mysterious inmate of the Ormskirk Workhouse, and a dramatic search for a long-lost relative by Sarah Lund from Illinois, USA. Set in 1914-1915, the story involves the last voyage of RMS Lusitania, a search that connects two continents and two women whose paths would most likely never have otherwise crossed.


The story is told through narration and original music written by Len Pentin and performed by the Cork Jacket Crew.


The Cork Jacket Crew

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©Rob Corcoran 2019

Len Pentin           

Chris Nelson   

Siobhan Nelson     

Mike Huddart   

Don Palmer        

- keyboard; vocals; guitar

- vocals; narration; fiddle; octave violin; mandolin 

- vocals; narration 

- bass guitar; backing vocals 

- vocals; narration; guitar

The Workhouse

Ormskirk Workhouse like most workhouses was where only the most desperate of the local poor went - Only those totally down on their luck walked through those doors and all walked through them with the heaviest of hearts.


Kate Fitzpatrick

Kate Fitzpatrick was a mysterious inmate of the Ormskirk Workhouse.

  • Who was she?

  • Why had she been to America?  

  • Why did she return?  

  • Why was she so confused?

  • Why was Kate so afraid of the sea?

  • Who, or what, was 'Mounsey'?

Sarah Lund from Illinois, USA

This is Sarah Lund of Chicago at the age of 29.

In 1914 her family have a successful removal business and her husband Charles Lund is a superintendent on an American railroad.


They live a conventional American life, but in May of that year tragedy struck the family.

So what on earth could connect Sarah to Kate Fitzpatrick in the Ormskirk Workhouse?

Where to see Avondale



After all the delays and cancellations due to Covid 19, we are finally able to get  Avondale up and running.  Performances are currently being planned, and we will update the website as the dates are confirmed.

The show made its debut at the Atkinson in Southport on Thursday 9 September 2021.


Sample music from the show

There are now some sound clips on the MUSIC page of the website.  
These tracks have been chosen to represent the power and beauty of the music and lyrics.
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